Blade Maintenance

To maintain proper health and cleanliness to your blades, regular cleaning with a blade or fade brush and using a dry cloth to wipe away excess is perfect for daily use and in between clients.

For deep cleaning, we recommend removing the blade from the tool (clipper, trimmer) wiping away excess debris, spraying with a disinfectant high-grade cleaner, wiping with a dry cloth, and adding a few drops of clipper/trimmer barber blade oil along the bottom of the teeth, not lower near the screw area. [For clippers, the oil should be applied while the clipper is moving, using 3 drops of oil. One on each side and one in the middle. Let the clipper run to lubricate the blades for 15 - 30 seconds. Shut off the clipper and wipe off any excess oil.]

*Failure to properly maintain your blade can result in skin irritation and cross contamination between clients possibly leading to infections.