What Does Zero Gapping Mean

To Zero-gap is when the cutting blade is pushed up to match the fixed blade.

To achieve zero-gap on CLIPPERS, make sure your lever is in the shortest closed position and loosen the screws. Shift the fixed blade up or down to the desired gap. A true zero gap has no gap between the tip of the fixed blade and the moving blade. Once the blades are aligned to your liking tighten the screws again and check the blades for proper alignment. Do not over-tighten screws.

To achieve zero-gap on TRIMMERS, remove both the fixed and moving blade. Loosen the screws of the moving blade which allows you to shift the moving blade up or down. In comparison to the fixed clipper blade depending on how tight you want your zero gap, shift the moving blade up or down but never past the fixed blade. If you want to achieve a true zero gap the tips of both blades are flush together. Once the blades are to your liking tighten the screws.